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Traffic Information
By dialling +46 771-77 77 77 you can get straight through to the Traffic information knowledgeable information advisers.
Here you can: obtain information on times, lines, routes and prices obtain information on traffic disruptions receive help in finding lost property

Real-time traffic information
The column, Traffic info, displays time discrepancies and cancelled departures. Our real-time information is yet incomplete. All timetable deviations will not be displayed.

Red triangle - Traffic information indicatorA red triangle indicates a cancelled departure, a delay greater than 5 minutes or a departure less than 1 minute ahead of schedule.

Blue triangle - Traffic information indicator A blue triangle indicates a delay less than 5 minutes or a departure less than 1 minute ahead of schedule.

Bild: I tid On time.

Grey triangle - Traffic information indicator A grey triangle shows the actual time for a passed departure or arrival.


Journey times?
We present journey times for both public transport and travel by car. Read more about the journey planner

enviroment iconAll travel has a greater or lesser impact on the environment. The environmental impact for all travel alternatives is presented in the form of a pie chart.
Explanatory text for environmental index »


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